27Sep 2016

Meet “Art” the New Nik Collection Preset and Recipes Package

nik presets and recipes packageI guess all photographers want to spend more time in the field shooting and less time tweaking the same sliders over and over again. Editing photos should be fun and creative and where you develop your art. This is why I have worked on creating this new set of Nik Collection recipes and presets: To help you get inspiration on how to process your next piece of art and make it fun and easy.

Are you ready to learn more? Click here to check out the new Nik Presets & Recipes – Art package.

21Sep 2016

Curious Fox Puppy

 (Peter Bredahl Dam)

This one is from my first meeting with a fox puppy. I was quite lucky to meet this little fellow on my second photography trip to Kullen in Sweden. I was actually there to do some landscape photography, but luckily I carried an 80-200mm lens with me, just in case I came across something interesting.

I had just arrived at Kullaberg and walked 5 minutes from the parking lot when I saw this fellow taking a little nap in the sun. Some other people coming from another direction scared the puppy away, but I spotted the small path it followed, so I could easily catch up when things got quiet again. I thought that foxes would be very shy, but on several occasions, this puppy approached me and came as close as 3 meters away from me.

All in all, I spent half an hour in the company of this curious and very photogenic fox puppy.

2Sep 2016

Waiting for the boats


A tractor waiting for the next time it will be used to assist in getting the boats in and out of the water at Vorupør beach in Thy, Denmark.

I think it looked really cool when it was back-lit by the rising sun, that illuminates the clouds. Often sunrise photos are better when you cannot actually see the sun. Somehow the light gets too intense and the magenta and orange hues of the morning sunrise are already fading, once the sun is visible on the horizon. This is, of course, a matter of taste.

29Aug 2016

Glænø Boulder at Blue Hour


This boulder and several others are in the middle of a shallow lake at Glænø in the South-Western part of Zealand, Denmark. In order to get to Glænø ready for the blue hour, I had to get up at 4 AM. In the summer time, the blue hour begins very early.

I have been here before during daytime, and spotted these large stones, in the middle of the lake (approx. 70 meters to the shore in each direction). Nothing else to do than to remove the walking boots and slowly walk into the shallow water, to get to this spot. I had hoped for mirror-like reflections, but a slight breeze caused ripples at the surface. Anyway, I am quite happy with the result.

22Aug 2016

Magical Morning in Vorupør – Denmark


At day this place is ruled by the windsurfers coming here to catch some of the best waves in Northern Europe. At dawn, the fishermen pull their wooden boats to sea by using a wire system that allows them to get their boats in and out of the Northern Sea. The tracks in the photo were made by one of the old tractors working on the beach to help move the heavy wires between the boats that on their way to the sea.

Vorupør and the neighboring city Klitmøller is branded as “Cold Hawaii” and there is a growing subculture of surfers coming here giving new life to these small cities, even outside the summer season.

I was a little curious about how the lighting would be at sunrise, because this is the West coast of Jutland, and the sun rise towards the East, which is over land.  However,  I was surprised how fantastic the light was this morning and how it made the whole blanket of clouds glow in golden colors.

1Aug 2016

New Guide to Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed

Photography-Guide-to-Mastering-Aperture-ISO-and-Shutter-Speed_featuredDo you fully understand Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed? Or do you need a brush up?

Take a look at this new Photography Guide to Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed I have created. I got some great feedback on it already.

13Jul 2016

New Guide to Understanding Light In Landscape Photography

Guide to Understanding Light in Landscape Photography_featured Improve your photography by knowing how to work with natural light.

Take a look at this new Guide To Understanding Light In Landscape Photography. It will help you to find out, when and how to make the most of available light in outdoor photography.

15Jun 2016

8 Things That Will Make You a Better Photographer

8 Things That Will Make You a Better Photographer

Do you feel that you don’t develop enough as a photographer? Or would you like to become better faster? Take a look at these 8 suggestions that will take your photography skills in the right direction.


27May 2016

How to Build Keyword Hierarchies in Lightroom?

Use lightroom keywords
Adding keywords to your photos in Lightroom is probably not the most fun part of your photo editing workflow. I guess you would rather spend time on your creative process with making your photos come alive or be out taking more photos.

However, managing your Lightroom keywords is very useful, because many publishing plugins to Lightroom can recognize the attached keywords and use these in your online portfolio (like on Photoshelter), or on a photography portal like on 500px.com. Entering keywords in Lightroom will save you the time of entering the keywords online. Maintaining a good keyword structure in Lightroom can highly benefit your search engine optimization effort online along with improving Lightroom’s ability to find your photos when you search for them.

Keywording in Lightroom is quite flexible, and you can add keywords in several ways.

Besides, from just adding your keywords in the Keywording Panel, you could instead build a hierarchy of keywords. It takes more time in the beginning, but it pays off later when entering keywords for other images.


16Apr 2016

How to use Photoshop Actions to Add an Exclusive Border?

Finished result of creating an elegant white border in Photoshop

Your awesome photo is processed and ready for print. But still you feel something is missing. Do you want to add an extra exclusive look to your photo with an elegant Photoshop border? And what about applying a Photoshop border automatically to multiple photos by using Photoshop Actions and batch processing. In this post,  I will show you both how you can create a border in a few simple steps and how to automate the technique with Photoshop Actions.


13Apr 2016

How to Use a Photoshop Gradient Map For Stunning Black and White Photos?

DSC_2145-Edit-2_0,5 sec at f - 9,5_11 mm_ISO 100_NIKON D7100One of the best ways to use to convert an image to a toned black and white image is by using Photoshop’s Gradient Map tool. With the gradient map tool, you can create a lot of kick-ass looking toned black and white photos, but you can also create some crazy stuff which looks horrible, so take care.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to work with the Photoshop Gradient Map tool to achieve a professional looking toned black and white image.

Here is the original color image that I will convert into a toned black and white photo using a gradient map in Photoshop.


6Jan 2016

5 Sure Fire Elements to Improve your Black and White Photography

Magnolia-BWBefore the invention of Kodachrome in 1936, the only medium that was available to the mass of photographers was black and white photography. With the invention of color printing one would think black and white photography would see it’s demise, but instead, it caused the medium to see a surge in popularity. Loved for its simplicity and raw attitude toward the photograph, learning the art of black and white photography is an expertise that everybody should consider.

To break up a black and white photo, you have to take contrast, shape, form, lighting, and the subject into consideration as separate entities. Color is said to distract away from the subject, so using a black and white scheme can allow the focus to rest on your subject, whether that be a landscape, cityscape or nature. With color photography everywhere, black and white photography allow a much-needed change in the photography world, like a breath of fresh air. But it comes with challenges too.

Below you will find a list of 5 key elements to use in your black and white photography to make stronger photos. Whether you just focus on one of them or include several of these elements in one photo is up to you and your creative choice.