The Photographer’s Toolbox – Practical Tips To Improve Your Photography

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The Photographer’s Toolbox

Do you want to improve your photography skills? Do you want to master different photography techniques by just knowing a few essential and practical tips?

This e-book contains a collection of tools and techniques that any photographer can benefit from learning. Most of them are about specific composition techniques or camera settings bundled together in specific topics, like creating silhouettes, using backlighting, or how to create low key photos (see the full list below). However, a few of the tools are more related to your development as a photographer. Helping you to see in a more photographic way and develop your vision.

The full e-book contains 25 tools with a total of 153 practical tips on how to improve your skills within each tool or technique.

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Excerpt from the Introduction:

Taking photos with an empty toolbox severely limits your artistic choices. However, by learning and getting practical experience with the tools and techniques in this e-book, you are on your way to expanding your toolbox as a photographer and get home with amazing photos, because your skillset has grown. You have probably heard about most of these techniques before, but do you know how to use it to achieve a particular look? These tools are meant to enable you to step out of your comfort zone and help you to try out new aspects of photography, in a very practical way.

  • Learn to master new techniques, so you have them in your toolbox for your next photography session.
  • You have to experiment with each of these tools before you can master them. However, when you do, you will get comfortable enough to use them when the perfect situation presents itself.
  • Because of the practical orientation of this book, you can also use it as a reference or reminder when you need to brush up on a particular technique.


Details about the E-book: The Photographer’s Toolbox

Length: 69 beautifully designed pages.

Words: approx 12,000

Format: downloadable PDF. You can view this eBook using the free Adobe reader software on a tablet or PC.



  • Introduction
  • The Toolbox
  • Create Movement With Shutter Speed
  • Change Your Point Of View
  • Learn To Pan
  • Reflections
  • Isolate And Exclude
  • Use the light
  • Backlighting
  • Use Bokeh to abstract
  • Silhouettes
  • Study The Masters, Not Only The Dead Ones
  • Work The Scene
  • Find a Foreground
  • Slow Down
  • Low Key
  • High Key
  • Use a Wide Angle Lens To Create a Sense of Being Right There
  • Use Leading Lines to Draw The Eye
  • Lines
  • Be Conscious About Colors
  • Use The Shadows
  • Work With Paradoxes
  • Ask Yourself Questions On Location
  • Limit Yourself
  • Try it in Black And White
  • Go Really Close
  • Concluding Words

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