MONO – Learning the Art of Black and White Photography – Vision and Capture


MONO: Learning the Art of Black and White Photography

Do you experience that your shots come out flat when you convert them into monochrome? Or do you feel insecure on how to capture a black and white photo with substantial impact? Or do you just want to get better at processing black and white photos?

Are you ready to take your black and white photography to the next level? Get this e-book with the essential techniques on how to improve.

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In this eBook, you will get a solid understanding of how composition affects black and white photos. The composition is always important in photography, but with the lack of colors, you will find that certain elements become even more important for creating great fine art black and white photos.

What is included in the eBook MONO – Learning the Art of Black and White Photography – PART 1: Vision and Capture?

In Part 1: Vision and Capture you will:

  • Learn how to take better black and white fine art photos?
  • Take the guesswork out of your black and white photography, by understanding how colors convert into black and white photos.
  • Understand how to create depth in your monochrome photos.
  • Know how curves and lines can affect mood.
  • Get tips on how to compose for the stronger photos.
  • Work with the available light  and identify its advantages, and how to use it in your black and white photos.
  • Learn which elements to look for to make great black and white photos.
  • Explore different genres that offer special possibilities for monochrome photography.
  • Learn the key elements in growing as a photographer. Using these deliberately will speed up your improvement in photography.
  • Enhance your skills in pre-visualizing how to capture a great black and white photo.
  • Get a better understanding of how to identify hue, tint, tone and shade of a single color range.
 When I first got caught up in black and white photography, it was because I found this genre of photography a delightful step away from our ordinary way of seeing the world. At the same time, it allows you to come closer to another reality that is not predominated by colors. It shifts the viewer’s attention. Black and white fine art photography is about finding vision and beauty in the world and showing this through lines that curves into shapes, and letting the viewers sense what you find amazing by combining your vision and composition into one.

Excerpt from the eBook’s Introduction:

This book is about removing the layer of reality that we know as color and bringing forth other elements. In the presence of colors, our eyes trick the brain into putting less emphasis on other parts and barely noticing them. However, when you remove colors from your images, you will shift attention, mood and the perceived reality of the viewer by letting the other elements be the guide of perception.

Learning to master black and white photography will lift your general photographic skills to another level. It is well worth the effort it takes to dig deeper than merely making a superficial and automatic conversion of color photos into black and white to see if they by chance look good.

In this book, I draw on my work within landscapes, macro, long exposure, nature, city- and urban photography, all within monochrome photography. In my photographic work, you will not find any portraits, or many street photos featuring people and their mood or expression as a dominating characteristic. Therefore, you will also not find much about these topics in this book since it is beyond my area of both knowledge and interest. That doesn’t mean that you cannot benefit from this book since all the topics covered with a little imagination you can transfer it to e.g. people and street photography

Working with lines in Black and White Photography

How can composition enhance your black and white photography!

By working with lines, texture, shape, form, you become better at making strong black and white photos.


Get a solid understanding of monochrome

Knowing the boundaries of monochrome let you go beyond equalling grayscale with monochrome.


Learn the best camera settings for black and white photography!

Get the best starting point is crucial to allow you more freedom when converting your photos into monochrome.

Sample page from the ebook on black and white photography

Find out how colors affect your black and white photo

Learn how a little knowledge about color theory can improve your photos. This will help you create better contrast in your black and white art.

Sample page from the ebook on black and white photography

Use the available light as a creative constraint

By knowing when the light best suit your subject, you can capture amazing shot. Learning to use the worst conditions will make you grow as a photographer.

Sample page from the ebook on black and white photography

Explore how framing changes your photo

A different crop might give your black and white photos the final touch of elegance to make it a masterpiece.

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Details about MONO – Learning the Art of Black and White Photography – Part 1:

Length: 52 beautifully designed pages

Words: approx 6,000

Format: downloadable PDF. You can view this eBook using the free Adobe reader software on a tablet or PC. If you buy the eBook through iBooks store you will get a version that has been optimized for viewing on an iPad.

Table of Content


What is Monochrome?

Working With Vision

Enhance your Vision for Black and White Photography
Developing as a Photographer

Basic Camera Settings

What Makes a Great Black and White Photo?

What Will Replace Colors?
Working with Lines

  • Leading lines
  • Lines and Mood
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lines
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Jagged Lines
  • Curves

Working with Texture
Working with Shape
Working with Form

  • Depth-of-Field
  • Creating Depth

Working with Contrast

  • Look for Dark and Bright Tones Instead of Color
  • Color Contrast

Framing – becoming aware of the edges of your photo


Light Basics
Timing is everything
Setting up for the shot
How to Find Perfect Lighting?

Where to find Black and White Subjects?

Concluding Words


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