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Photos and Destinations 2017-09-23T21:37:51+00:00

Curious Fox Puppy

 (Peter Bredahl Dam)

This one is from my first meeting with a fox puppy. I was quite lucky to meet this little fellow on my second photography trip to Kullen in Sweden. I was actually there to do some landscape photography, but luckily I carried an 80-200mm lens with me, just in case I came across something interesting.

I had just arrived at Kullaberg and walked 5 minutes from the parking lot when I saw this fellow taking a little nap in the sun. Some other people coming from another direction scared the puppy away, but I spotted the small path it followed, so I could easily […]

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Waiting for the boats

A tractor waiting for the next time it will be used to assist in getting the boats in and out of the water at Vorupør beach in Thy, Denmark. (PETER BREDAHL DAM)

A tractor waiting for the next time it will be used to assist in getting the boats in and out of the water at Vorupør beach in Thy, Denmark.

I think it looked really cool when it was back-lit by the rising sun, that illuminates the clouds. Often sunrise photos are better when you cannot actually see the sun. Somehow the light gets too intense and the magenta and orange hues of the morning […]

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Glænø Boulder at Blue Hour


This boulder and several others are in the middle of a shallow lake at Glænø in the South-Western part of Zealand, Denmark. In order to get to Glænø ready for the blue hour, I had to get up at 4 AM. In the summer time, the blue hour begins very early.

I have been here before during daytime, and spotted these large stones, in the middle of the lake (approx. 70 meters to the shore in each direction). Nothing else to do than to remove the walking boots and slowly walk into the shallow water, to get to this […]

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Sunset at Kalvebod Fælled

 (Peter Bredahl Dam)

Just before the summer holiday, I went to Kalvebod Fælled just outside Copenhagen for an afternoon and evening of landscape photography. I got home with a lot of shots, by I totally missed this one as I went through them back home. It has just been sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to notice it.

The weather was quite good, but with just a little too many clouds. Half an hour later clouds covered the sun instead of the sun sinking into the horizon for that “perfect” landscape shot. Anyway, it sure is very quiet at Kalvebod Fælled, […]

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The Troll's Gorge

Behind Niels Bugge's Inn Near Viborg

Just outside Viborg, Denmark there is a hidden gem just behind Niels Bugge’s Inn. This is the beginning of the Troll’s Gorge. A small gorge with a small dirt path on the right side that stretches about one kilometer West before it ends in a moor like landscape. For a long time I have wanted to take photos of this place, but it has been several years since I last visited, except when the chance came up this summer.


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The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet in Copenhagen

The Danish Aquarium in Copenhagen. The design of this building is said to be inspired by the spiral shape of a nautilus.

This photo is a long exposure of 130 seconds. Even though a lot of people passed by the camera while I took this photo none of them stood still enough to be visible on the photo.

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