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Use Lightroom Smart Collections to Speed Up Your Workflow

Create Smart Collection in LightroomDo you want to find your best photos in Lightroom – the fast way? Or find your photos without a keyword? You might also be gathering photos for a calendar or yearbook, but struggles with keeping the overview. Then it is time to begin using smart collections.

If you create your own smart collection you can easily find any photo that meets any criteria that you set up.

Lightroom Smart Collections are basically the same as collection ‐ a way to organize you photos in groups.


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How to use Silver Efex Pro 2 to Create Amazing Black and White Images?

What is it about black and white photography that is so amazing? And how can you create it?

In a world full of color, we often get attracted to the colors that ‘screams’ the most for attention or the colors that have the greatest visual mass in a photo. But in some photos, we want the viewers to look at something else like the textures, shapes, lines or connections between two subjects. Creating great black and white images are about obtaining a good contrast. Without it, black and white images will look flat and uninteresting. And Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 got some cool tools to work with to do just that. 

In […]

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How To Get Started With Long Exposure Photography


 (Peter Bredahl Dam)

Long exposure photography is becoming increasingly popular in photography. The most important element is patience. You carefully have to set up the tripod, compose carefully to get any distracting elements out of the way. When you press the shutter button, you have to wait…for 30 seconds, …or 1 minutes, ….or 2 minutes, ……or even 5 minutes. If the exposure is not exactly right, you have to try once more. However, even though it can be time-consuming it is also very rewarding.

With the right frame of mind, you wind down, get a break and de-stress doing this kind of photography. And when done right you get images that ooze of calmness and serenity. Photos that nudges you into a moment of mindfulness every […]

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How to get past the OK-plateau as a photographer?

A tiny ant exploring the obstacles in front of it and decides to take a zip to drink.

You will do everything it takes to become a better photographer (or maybe even a pro). You try to do everything right. You put in the extra hours. You take photos every day. You are open for learning. But, you don’t really develop? Why? I will tell you!


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How to use Nik Collection to Create Fantastic Photos?

Before and after using Nik Collection plugins. I have made many of the effects subtle , as I like not to over do effects, but that is a matter of style. I you want to push it, you definitely can with these plugins. Before and after using Nik Collection plug-ins. I have made many of the effects subtle, as I like not to overdo effects, but that is a matter of style. If you want to push it, you definitely can with these plug-ins.

Often when a photo comes straight from the […]

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