Just Launched: Luminar Presets Pack designed for Landscape and Nature Photography

There is a lot of hype over the new photo editor Luminar, by Macphun. In many ways, Luminar is a lot like Nik Collection Plugins, which I really enjoy using. One of the advantages in Luminar though is that you can work with layers, which would normally require that you took your images through Photoshop or Affinity Photo. Each preset contains multiple filters, which can be modified individually. You can also add a mask to each filter limit the area affected by a filter, so i.e. the sky or a specific element in your photo is targeted by the filter. In this way working with presets in Luminar is very flexible and fun.

I have created a bundle of Luminar presets with my favorite combination of filters. These presets are developed with a focus on enhancing landscape and nature photos. The presets are inspired by the very popular presets that I offer for Nik Collection users. However, since Nik is no longer being actively developed, I have created these presets to help those who want to switch to Luminar to still be able to enjoy similar presets.

Presets are very easy to install and use in Luminar.

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