Affinity Photo Macro Pack

With Affinity Photo 1.5 came the support for macros, which is the same as actions are in Photoshop.

To ease the transition, and the workflow for those who also want to reap the benefits of using Affinity Photo, I have created this Affinity Photo Macro Pack which can help you to create the looks and effects that you love, but with less work.

It includes both workflow macros, like a details extractor brush, and dodge & burn layers, as well as a growing number of Look/Style macros that will give you i.e. a Vintage look with a single click. You can use these looks as a starting point for giving your photos a unique look.

I will continuously add more and more macros to the Affinity Photo macro pack with free updates to those who have already bought the package. The default price is $12, how for a limited period (until March 31th, 2017) you can get this brand new macro pack for Affinity Photo for only $9.

Affinity Photo is becoming my go to application for serious and complex photo editing. It basically can the same as Photoshop, and in many cases, it is more user-friendly. It is certainly much cheaper.

When you first begin to work with Affinity Photo you might be confused with their different “Personas”, but if you think of them as workspaces it will be much easier to grasp. The develop persona/workspace confused me a bit at the beginning, until I recognized that this was just like Adobe Camera Raw, where you initially tells the software how to interpret a Raw file. However, with these few mental notes, you will likely find that Affinity Photo is easier to work with than Photoshop. Anyway, I encourage you to take a look at Affinity Photo, it might end up saving you a lot of money compared to Photoshop.

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