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One of the most common problems that photographers face when shooting long exposure photography is the issue of 'false light' or 'light leaks' appearing on the photos. It can be a quite frustrating experience to spend time on setting up your equipment, double checking the composition, setting the remote timer for a shutter speed of beyond 4 minutes. Next, you wait for the camera to take the shot and eagerly anticipate a glimpse of your new long exposure fine art, only to discover that there are fat light streaks all across the photo. With exposure times of several minutes per shot, the

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Posted on September 05, 2017 by Peter Dam in Long Exposure, Photography

  Long exposure photography is becoming increasingly popular in photography. The most important element is patience. You carefully have to set up the tripod, compose carefully to get any distracting elements out of the way. When you press the shutter button, you have to wait...for 30 seconds, ...or 1 minutes, ....or 2 minutes, ......or even 5 minutes. If the exposure is not exactly right, you have to try once more. However, even though it can be time-consuming it is also very rewarding. With the right frame of mind, you wind down, get a break and de-stress doing this kind of

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Posted on October 19, 2015 by Peter Dam in Articles, Long Exposure, Photography